Age Quotes: 41 Years

I am forty-one years of age and feel as if I was just beginning to live. ~“My Schoolmates Are Dead — Died Like Rotten Sheep,” Association Men, December 1916

It’s the standard crisis… When we are forty-one we all think it would be nice to make a fresh start. It’s the kind of thing we laugh at when we’re forty-two. ~Vidiadhar Surajprasad Naipaul, Guerrillas, 1975

He was now forty-one and already a man of some mark… With increasing years he had grown humble and realised that the reach of one man’s arm was short indeed. ~Lloyd Osbourne, “The Stones of Art,” 1902

I am forty-one years of age, and I feel myself begin to change, and to lose my health, natural spirits and strength. ~John Thomas

So, you see, I am forty-one years old; and every day I feel I am still “beginning.” ~Enrico Caruso, “How I Began,” in T. P.’s Weekly, 1914

I am forty-one years of age… and am mentally, sexually, and physically better than ever in my life. ~Anonymous, letter to editor, “At the Shrine of Love,” Beauty and Health, January 1904

41 Years Old Quotations
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