Age Quotes: 48 Years

I am forty-eight, and I do not consider myself an old man, at all, I consider myself nearer to boyhood than to senility. ~William Saroyan, Armenians, 1971  [Knadjian —tg]

In the bar, seated at tea at the nicest possible little table, drawn close up before the brightest possible little fire, was a buxom widow of somewhere about eight and forty or thereabouts… ~Charles Dickens, The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club, 1836

A thing that no one suspects, not even you, is that I am forty-eight years old to-day. Here is a vast amount of time lost; for there have been nothing but minutes well spent. I leave you to guess them. But, ma fille, this number forty-eight — doesn’t it impress you with respect? I let you off of the respect in advance, for it seems to me that I leave half of my years here, as I leave half of my luggage, not wanting it all on my voyage. Besides, I have grown so used to the idea of being loved by you, in spite of youth, in spite of old age, that I think much less of my age as it goes on… Let us love life and not fear death, for souls don’t die, but love for ever. ~Stanislas-Jean, Chevalier de Boufflers (1738–1815), letter to Françoise Eléonore Dejean de Manville, la Comtesse de Sabran (1749–1827)

I am forty-eight years old, it is time for my life to begin. ~Barbara Wood, Soul Flame, 1987

48 Years Old Quotations
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