Poetry Quotes: Abandoned

In the eyes of those who anxiously seek perfection, a work is never truly completed — a word that for them has no sense — but abandoned… ~Paul Valéry, “Au Sujet du Cimetière Marin,” 1933  [About his poem “The Cemetery by the Sea.” Translated from French. Credit and further information: Ralph Keyes, The Quote Verifier, 2006. –tg]

On revisions as a matter of principle, I agree with Valery:  ‘A poem is never finished; it is only abandoned.’  ~W. H. Auden, Collected Shorter Poems, 1927–1957, Foreword, 1966

A poem is never finished, only abandoned. ~Paul Valéry, as paraphrased even further by W. H. Auden, in A Certain World: A Commonplace Book, 1970

Poetry is never abandoned, it is only remixed. ~James Schwartz, unverified

“Most poems are never finished,” (I was defensive). He sighed: “No, most poems are never started.” ~Dr. SunWolf, tweet, 2011

Abandoned Poetry Quotations
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