Age Quotes: 42 Years

Forty-two! Why, it was called the prime of life… until then no one had really begun to live! ~Lloyd Osbourne, “The Awakening of George Raymond,” Love, the Fiddler, 1903

I am forty-two years old; I have grown as lazy as a ground-hog… ~Honoré de Balzac, 1833, The Muse of the Department, translated from the French by George Burnham Ives, 1909

Instead of bewailing a lost youth, a man nowadays begins to wonder, when he reaches my ripe age of forty-two, if ever his past will subside and be comfortably by-gone. ~D. H. Lawrence (1885–1930)

In the country they call themselves old at forty-two, because they feel young. In town they call themselves young at forty-two, because they feel old. ~Charles Reade, Love Me Little, Love Me Long (A New Edition), 1868

How old do you suppose you’ll be at forty-two? ~Henry Kitchell Webster, An American Family: A Novel of To‑Day, 1918  [This novel appeared serially in Everybody’s Magazine, 1917–1918, titled The White Arc. –tg]

In the years from nineteen to forty-two most men have fulfilled their destiny… Those who have something to do are busy doing it. ~Lloyd Osbourne, “The Awakening of George Raymond,” Love, the Fiddler, 1903

Forty-two years ago to-day I did not amount to much. Now what a tiny step I have made out into the eternities! I am, probably, two-thirds through my work here. It remains to the last third to do my very best. ~Edward A. Lawrence, Jr., letter to mother Margaret Woods Lawrence, 1889 January 16th, Sing Sing

First three decades time’s a hero
Then stops suddenly all the fun
Forty-two is a stranger new
But life is like a grand old tree
Strong yet flexible at the core
Roots ever deepening to stay alive
At this age there’s no real fix
Just patches is all, ’til heaven
Although it still be not too late
So let the autumn soul shine
Breathe and let thy life go zen.
~Terri Guillemets, “Counting Up,” 2016

42 Years Old Quotations
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