Age Quotes: 43 Years

Welcome to my page of quotations about being 43 years young — a beautiful, glorious age full of potential!  —ღ Terri

I am this day forty-three years old: as years increase, may I grow more wise and gracious. ~Hannah Ball (1733–1792), journal, 1777 March 24th

This Spring-morn I am forty-three years old:
In prime of life, perfection of estate
Bodily, mental, nay, material too, —
My whole of worldly fortunes reach their height.
Body and soul alike on eminence:
It is not probable I ever raise
Soul above standard by increase of worth,
Nor reasonably may expect to lift
Body beyond the present altitude.
~Robert Browning, “Red Cotton Night-Cap Country; or, Turf and Towers,” 1873

43 Years Old Quotations
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