Age Quotes: 44 Years

Welcome to my page of quotations about being 44 years young!  —ღ Terri

My Betsy lo! the year’s gone round,
We see this day once more…
I look me back to boyhood’s days,
When I was wont to pore
O’er grammar, ’neath a master’s gaze,
Nor thought of forty-four.
The mathematics I began,
Twice two I said was four,
What more know I, tho’ time has ran,
And made me forty-four…
If Providence but sends me health,
I’m blest at forty-four.
~H. in Norfolk, “To Mrs. — on my Birth-day,” 1825

      “Oh! no, no, no! You must be mad. I — I am forty-four!” Mary sobbed.
      “Forty-four! Brave — courageous little woman,” Harry cried, ecstatically, “I don’t care if you are fifty-four or sixty-four! I am proud to be begging you — praying you to be my wife. If you could look over my faults, my age, my uncouth ways, I should be the happiest of men.” ~George Manville Fenn, One Maid’s Mischief, 1887

The professor, taken aback, said, “Quite right, I am forty-four but what I am interested in is by what psychological train of thought did you arrive at my correct age?” “Well,” said the voice, “that was easy. I have a brother in the lunatic asylum and he is twenty-two and I think you’re twice as bad as he is.” ~Quoted by Walter Scott, address to Rotary International, 1971, Australia

“His age, if his looks be not deceptive, is somewhere between forty-three and forty-five.” A very obscure and elaborated mode of insinuating that I am forty-four. The truth is — though nothing but extreme provocation should induce me to proclaim even truth when age is concerned, — that I am “somewhere between” twenty-seven and sixty-three, or I may say sixty-four; — but I hate exaggeration. ~Samuel Laman Blanchard, George Cruikshank’s Omnibus, 1841

I am forty-four years old… It would be strange, indeed, if I did not know myself pretty well by this time… I love freshness and youth and gaiety, and as I miss them more and more in myself I seek them all the more in others. ~Lloyd Osbourne, “Old Hands and Young Hearts,” 1901

Promise to avoid me in future, as if I, too, were an elderly person of forty-four! ~Lloyd Osbourne, “Old Hands and Young Hearts,” 1901

It is true that I am an old maid. I am forty-four years old. ~M.G.C.L., “Valentine’s Day,” 1868

We are no longer boys, we are men, and old men at that. Both of my ankles have gone bad. First one and then the other. I am forty-four years old. ~William Saroyan, Armenians, 1971  [Papazian —tg]

44 Years Old Quotations
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