Age Quotes: 47 Years

He’s the same age as I am, forty-seven. Perfect age for a mid-life crisis. ~Milly Johnson, A Summer Fling, 2010

And while I don’t look older than I am — forty-seven — I don’t look younger either. You can see my life in every line in my face. ~“Virginia,” quoted in Guy Kettelhack, Sober and Free: Making Your Recovery Work for You, 1996

At this stage of my life — at the pinnacle of my creative prowess but also at forty-seven years of age and in the eventide of my life… ~Robert Henry Wright, Jr., Ten Percent Marriage, 2006 [Emily –tg]

At the age of forty-seven, which was mine then, I realised thoroughly that Fortune had no more to say to me. She is merciless towards men of a certain age. ~Giacomo Casanova (1725–1798)

Swift was then about forty-seven, at an age when vanity is strongly excited by the amorous attention of a young woman. ~Samuel Johnson (1709–1784), “Swift. 1667–1745,” Lives of the Most Eminent English Poets

I send no condolements about the departure of your good old Father. He was ready I suppose, and had his passport made out for his Journey. Next comes our little turn to pack up and depart. To stay is well enough, but shall we be very sorry to go? What more is there in life that we haven’t tried? I have just come from a beefsteak, potatoes, and bottle of Claret, all excellent but we can part from them without a very severe pang; we shall get no greater pleasures than these from this time to the end of our days. What is a greater pleasure? Gratified ambition? accumulation of money? What? Fruition of some sort of desire perhaps; when one is twenty, yes, but at 47 Venus may rise up from the sea, and I for one should hardly put on my spectacles to have a look. ~William Makepeace Thackeray, letter to Dr. John Brown, 1858 November 4th [a little altered –tg]

And then I am 47: yes; and my infirmities will of course increase. To begin with my eyes. Last year I could read without spectacles, and now I can’t read a line (unless held at a very odd angle) without them. What other infirmities? I can hear perfectly; I can walk as well as ever. But then will there not be the change of life? Possibly a difficult and dangerous time, but one can get over it by facing it with common sense — that it is a natural process. These curious intervals in life are the most fruitful artistically — one becomes fertilised — a little madness, and all the little illnesses. ~Virginia Woolf, diary, 1929 September 10th [a little altered –tg]

I’m forty-seven now. Up to a year ago I tried deliberately to pull the wool over my eyes… so that I shouldn’t see the realities of life… and I thought I was doing the right thing. But now — if you only knew! I lie awake, night after night, in sheer vexation and anger — that I let time slip by so stupidly during the years when I could have had all the things from which my age now cuts me off. ~Anton Chekhov, Dyadya Vanya, 1897, translated by Elisaveta Fen, 2007 [Voynitsky, Uncle Vanya –tg]

Age Quotations – 47 Years Old
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