Quotes about the Charm of a Handsome Mustache

Our French professor is simply a darling. His moustache would give you kerwollops of the heart. ~L. M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables, 1908  [a little altered –tg]

A dark mustache shaded his upper lip, and a strange, nameless beauty lit up and softened his handsome face whenever he smiled. Adored by the ladies, envied by the men. ~May Agnes Fleming, The Gypsy Queen’s Vow, 1875

Millie looked up. Her pulse went up to fever-heat; her heart leaped into her throat. There at last stood her ideal man — he of whom in the careless days of girlhood, she had dreamed so often. If he had been made to order, she could hardly have been better pleased. Tall, graceful, splendidly proportioned, he seemed a very prince in bearing. His skin was a clear olive, with the crimson burning through upon each cheek; his hair lay in thick masses, and was of that purple-black hue which you see on a raven’s wing; his moustache was superb, soft, silky, dark, and with such an exquisite wave. ~Caroline A. Soule, “Mollie’s Ideal,” in The Ladies’ Repository, 1863  [of the young Spanish nobleman, Don Carlos –tg]

I wouldn’t marry a man if our names didn’t go well together. Two syllables wouldn’t sound a bit nice, but I shouldn’t mind marrying a man with a surname of three syllables. Of course he must have a moustache. Even if a man was a handsome poet, and had lovely eyes, and could sing like a nightingale, but hadn’t a moustache, I wouldn’t for the world so much as look at him. No close-shaven man need apply. ~Grant Allen, This Mortal Coil, 1888  [Winifred. Text a little altered. –tg]

It was hard to tell in what the charm lay. It might have been in the moustache, or at least a woman might have said so, for we believe all women have a failing for handsome moustaches. ~Sue Chestnutwood, Malbrook, 1868

I love—yes, I love—how I love my moustache,
Which I twirl round my finger as I look in the glass…
I’ve tried both my whiskers and beard in succession,
In hopes on the ladies to make an impression…
You may call it a door-mat, you may call it but bristles,
Or compare me to an animal that feeds upon thistles;
But to all such comparisons I give but a laugh,
For do I not love thee, my splendid moustache?
~Robert Hall, “My Moustache,” 1867

He took a seat at her side with respectful coldness, although he was trembling with desire, to such an extent had this mysterious and seductive creature in a few minutes succeeded in disturbing his senses. He took her hand and gently removed the glove, then carried the slender white fingers to his mouth and began to kiss them, one after another, with caressing devotion. Finally he reached the wrist and the tapering arm, grazing with his mustache the satin-like flesh that thrilled slightly beneath his ardent touch. ~Georges Ohnet, L’âme de Pierre, 1890, translated from French by E. P. Robins

Brother, dost mark
That puff of hair upon Alonzo’s lip…
The time shall come, and we shall live to see it,
When, for that multiplicity of hair,
Piled, against nature, on an urchin’s face,
The maidens shall give up their hearts! nay, more
Not only shall a “whiskered pandour” take
His choicest choice among them—but the jades
Shall love according to the mustache’s fulness:
Love him alone who cultivates their growth—
And love no longer than they flourish there!
~Whiskerandos, a Tragedy, quoted in The Parterre of Fiction, Poetry, History, Literature, and the Fine Arts, Vol. I, 1834

She’ll be cured of moustaches, or I’m no prophet. The moral effect will tell upon our silly young ladies, whose heads are turned with a foreign accent and a hairy lip. ~T. S. Arthur, “Marrying a Count,” Off-Hand Sketches, A Little Dashed with Humour, 1851

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